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Building Supplies

We offer some building supplies to help construct your model.



Building Tools
Tools and supplies offered to help aid your model building.
The glues offered here have been tested by Guillow’s engineers and found to be the best available for use in assembling Guillow’s balsa model airplanes.
Box O' Balsa
Balsa is a superior wood for all types of craft projects, it is very light yet has a high strength to weight ratio, cuts easily with only a hobby knife and is easy to stain or paint.
Brushes for painting your model
Hobby Knives
hobby knives work very well for cutting and trimming your balsa and plastic parts
Decal Treatments
Decal treatments will give your models decals a professional painted on look.
Modeling Clay
This clay can be used to balance your model kits for flight
Bagged Parts & Accessories
Parts for replacement or for building your own models
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Guillows eGift Certificate
Price: $25.00
Guillows eGift Certificate
eGift Certificate